Interval cross efficiency for fully ranking decision making units using DEA/AHP approach

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Edition vol.271issue 2
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ISBN/ISSN 15729338
Author(s) Qingxian An
· Fanyong Meng
Beibei Xiong
Subject(s) Business and Management
Classification NONE
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GMD E-Journal
Language English
Publisher Springer
Publishing Year 2018
Publishing Place Switzerland
Abstract/Notes Abstract Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is a popular technique for measuring the relativeefficiencyofasetofdecisionmakingunits(DMUs).FullyrankingDMUsisatraditional and important topic in DEA. In various types of ranking methods, cross efficiency method receives much attention from researchers because it evaluates DMUs by using self and peer evaluation. However, cross efficiency score is usual nonuniqueness. This paper combines the DEA and analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to fully rank the DMUs that considers all possible cross efficiencies of a DMU with respect to all the other DMUs. We firstly measure the interval cross efficiency of each DMU. Based on the interval cross efficiency, relative efficiencypairwisecomparisonbetweeneachpairofDMUsisusedtoconstructintervalmultiplicative preference relations (IMPRs). To obtain the consistency ranking order, a method to derive consistent IMPRs is developed. After that, the full ranking order of DMUs from completely consistent IMPRs is derived. It is worth noting that our DEA/AHP approach not only avoids overestimation of DMUs’ efficiency by only self-evaluation, but also eliminates the subjectivity of pairwise comparison between DMUs in AHP. Finally, a real example is offered to illustrate the feasibility and practicality of the proposed procedure. Keywords Data envelopment analysis·Analytic hierarchy process·Interval multiplicative preference relation·Consistency
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