Multi-attribute assignment of trains to departures in rolling stock management A contribution to the EURO/ROADEF 2014 Challenge

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Edition vol.271issue 2
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ISBN/ISSN 15729338
Author(s) Geiger, Martin Josef...[]
Subject(s) Business and Management
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GMD E-Journal
Language English
Publisher Springer
Publishing Year 2018
Publishing Place Switzerland
Abstract/Notes Abstract The article describes our findings on the EURO/ROADEF 2014 Challenge problem. Several heuristic solution techniques have been implemented in a prototypical system for rolling stock management. First, the assignment of trains to departures is supported by a multi-attribute priority rule, for which extensive experiments have been conducted. The subsequentschedulingproblemisthensolvedbyaheuristicroutingandschedulingconcept. Thefeasibilityofsolutionsisensuredbyadoptingatransactionmodelknownfromdatabase programmingtotheschedulingproblemdomain.Besidesourcontributionstothesolutionof theoptimizationproblem,adecisionsupportsystemhasbeenbuildthatvisualizesthemovements of convoys in the network. Moreover, we make the source code of our optimization approach available with this article: doi:10.17632/nc642wfw2k.1. Keywords Rolling stock management·Multi-attribute decision rules·Train routing and scheduling·Heuristics
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