Optimization of sample size and order size in an inventory model with quality inspection and return of defective items

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Edition vol.271issue 2
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ISBN/ISSN 15729338
Author(s) Cheikhrouhou, Naoufel ...[et...al]
Subject(s) Business and Management
Classification NONE
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GMD E-Journal
Language English
Publisher Springer
Publishing Year 2018
Publishing Place Switzerland
Abstract/Notes Abstract Toensureallproductsasperfect,inspectionisessential,eventhoughitisnotpossibletoinspectallproductsafterproducingthemlikesomespecialtypeproductsasplasticjoint forthewaterpipe.Inthisdirection,thispaperdevelopsaninventorymodelwithlotinspection policy. With the help of lot inspection, all products need not to be verified still the retailer can decide the quality of products during inspection. If retailer founds products as imperfect quality, the products are sent back to supplier. As it is lot inspection, mis-clarification errors (Type-I error and Type-II error) are introduced to model the problem. Two possible cases are discussed for sending back products as defective lots are immediately withdrawn from the system and send back to supplier with retailer’s payment and for second case, retailer sends defective products during receiving next lot from supplier with supplier’s investment, like in food industry or in hygiene product industry. The model is solved analytically and resultsindicatethatoptimalordersizeandsamplesizeareintrinsicallylinkedandmaximize the total profit. Numerical examples, graphical representations, and sensitivity analysis are giventoillustratethemodel.Theresultssuggestthatsendingdefectiveproductsmaintaining the first case is the more profitable than the second case. Keywords Production · Imperfect quality · Sampling inspection · Inspection errors · Nonlinear optimization
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