Robust multiobjective optimization with application to Internet routing

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Edition vol.271issue 2
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ISBN/ISSN 15729338
Author(s) Doolittle, Erin K.
Wiecek, Margaret M.
Kerivin , Hervé L. M.
Subject(s) Business and Management
Classification NONE
Series Title
GMD E-Journal
Language English
Publisher Springer
Publishing Year 2018
Publishing Place Switzerland
Abstract/Notes Abstract Robust optimization addressing decision making under uncertainty has been very well developed for problems with a single objective function and applied to areas of human activity such as portfolio selection, investment decisions, signal processing, and telecommunication-network planning. As these decision problems typically have several decisionsorgoals,weextendrobustsingleobjectiveoptimizationtothemultiobjectivecase. The column-wise uncertainty model can be carried over to the multiobjective case without any additional assumptions. For the row-wise uncertainty model, we show under additional assumptions that robust efficient solutions are efficient to specific instance problems and can be found as the efficient solutions of another deterministic problem. Being motivated by the fact that Internet traffic must be maintained in a reliable yet affordable manner in situations of complex and dynamic usage, we apply the row-wise model to an intradomain multiobjective routing problem with polyhedral traffic uncertainty. We consider traditional objective functions corresponding to link utilizations and implement the biobjective case usingtheparametricsimplexalgorithmtocomputerobustefficientroutings.Wealsopresent computational results for the Abilene network and analyze their meaning in the context of the application. Keywords Multiple criteria·Uncertainty·Efficient solution·Nondominated outcome· Traffic·Telecommunications·Routing
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