Characterization of a novel dsRNA mycovirus isolated from strain A105 of Rhizoctonia solani AG‑1 IA

Collection Location Koleksi E-book & E-Journal Perpustakaan Pusat Unila
Edition Vol. 163, Issue 2
Call Number
ISBN/ISSN 14328798
Author(s) Meiling Zhang...[et al.]
Subject(s) Biomedicine
Classification NONE
Series Title
GMD E-Journal
Language English
Publisher Springer
Publishing Year 2018
Publishing Place Switzerland
Abstract/Notes Abstract Rhizoctonia solani dsRNA virus 3 (RsRV3),
a novel mycovirus, was isolated from the rice sheath
blight pathogen Rhizoctonia solani AG-1 IA strain A105.
The RsRV3 genome consists of two segments of dsRNA
(dsRNA1, 1,890 bp and dsRNA2, 1,811 bp). DsRNA1 has a
single open reading frame (ORF) with a putative conserved
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) domain, and
dsRNA2 comprises a single ORF, predicted to encode a coat
protein. Purified viral particles of RsRV3 were isometric
and measured approximately 20 nm in diameter by negativestain
transmission electron microscope (TEM). Phylogenetic
analyses indicated that RsRV3 is highly similar to viruses
taxonomically classified in the genus Alphapartitivirus, family
Partitiviridae. Taken together, the integrative analyses
of viral genomic organization, amino acid sequence alignments
and phylogenetic analyses clearly demonstrate that the
RsRV3 virus isolated from R. solani AG-1 IA strain A105 is
classifiable as a new member of the genus Alphapartitivirus,
family Partitiviridae.
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