Technology spin‑offs: teamwork, autonomy, and the exploitation of business opportunities

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ISBN/ISSN 1573 7047
Author(s) Corsino, Marco 
Giuri, Paola 
 Torrisi, Salvatore
Subject(s) Business and Management
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GMD E-Journal
Language English
Publisher Springer
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Publishing Place Switzerland
Abstract/Notes Abstract This study analyzes the antecedents of technology spin-off resulting from the exploitation of patented technology developed in established firms and then transferred to a new organization. We hypothesize and empirically examine how teamwork and autonomy, two key dimensions of the established organization’s inventive activity, correlate with spinoff formation. The results, based on a large-scale survey of inventors, show that (1) inventive activities organized as teamwork are less likely to engender the creation of a new firm and (2) granting strategic autonomy increases the likelihood of a spin-off whereas structural autonomy decreases the chances of a spin-off. Keywords Technology spinoff · Technology transfer · Entrepreneurship · Innovation process · Patents
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