Dissemination of blaOXA-370 is mediated by IncX plasmids and the Tn6435 transposon

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Edition Vol. 37, Issue. 10
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ISBN/ISSN 1435-4373
Author(s) Magagnin, Cibele M...[et al.]
Subject(s) Biomedicine
Classification NONE
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GMD E-Journal
Language English
Publisher Springer
Publishing Year 2018
Publishing Place Switzerland
Abstract/Notes Abstract
In Enterobacteriaceae, the blaOXA-48-like genes have been identified on plasmids in different regions of the world. The OXA-370 is
a plasmid-encoded OXA-48-like enzyme reported in two distinct regions of Brazil. Recently, we demonstrate that the blaOXA-370
gene is disseminated among several Enterobacteriaceae species and clones, indicating a high potential for dissemination. In this
work, we described for the first time the complete nucleotide sequence of six plasmids harboring the blaOXA-370 gene. Complete
DNA sequencing using the Illumina platform and annotation of the plasmids showed that they belonged to incompatibility groups
IncX and had in average 70 kbp. The blaOXA-370 gene is located in a composite transposon containing four genes encoding
transposases, named Tn6435. In this study, highly similar plasmids were detected in different Enterobacteriaceae genera.
Keywords OXA-370 . Enterobacteriaceae . Plasmids . Brazil . Tn6435
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