Certain Victory, Uncertain Time: The Limitations of Nineteenth-Century Management Thought

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Author(s) Muldoon, Jeffrey
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GMD E-Book
Language English
Publisher Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Publishing Year 2019
Publishing Place Switzerland
Abstract/Notes The purpose of this chapter is to explore the beginnings of modern management by
tracing the development of nineteenth-century management thought in Europe.We
examine the lives of Owen, Babbage, Ure, and Fayol, noting both their contributions
and the limitations of their thought in their historical context. Our contention
was that management did not really emerge as a distinct field of study until the time
of Taylor. Namely that the industrial world was too new, thought to be a fad that
limited the intellectual development of management. In addition, Ure and Babbage
were polymaths, devoted to fields which limited their management contributions.
Fayol was compared with Taylor, which limited his appeal, even though both men
wrote about different aspects. Although there are themes of modern management
in the work of Owen and others, various issues prevented them (either the
limitations of their thought or other circumstances) from being the prime mover.
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