Where technology transfer research originated and where it is going: a quantitative analysis of literature published between 1980 and 2015

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ISBN/ISSN 1573 7047
Author(s) Noh, Heeyong
Lee, Sungjoo
Subject(s) Business and Management
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GMD E-Journal
Language English
Publisher Springer
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Publishing Place Switzerland
Abstract/Notes Abstract This study aims to identify both where technology transfer research originated and whereitisgoing.Aquantitativeapproachwas adoptedinthis studytoobservethetrendsfrom an objective perspective. To do this, longitudinal bibliographic data of journal papers describing technology transfer from 1980 to 2015 are collected. Topic modeling and co-authorship network analyses are then applied to classify topics and identify an evolution of research groups. First, the principaltransferagentischangedfromgovernmentalorganizationstouniversities,astechnology donors,whileindustryplaystheroleoftechnologyrecipients.Second,majortechnologyfieldsthat researchershavefocusedonfollowsociallyattractiveinterests.Third,thescopeoffocusgradually moves from national level research or international transfers to organizational level research. In addition,technologytransferresearchseemstochangefromatechnologytransferapplicationtoa dynamictechnologytransferprocess.Inaddition,sixtopicsareidentifiedandfurtherdiscussedto understand future research directions. The research findings are expected to help us understand research trends in technology transfer and, thus, are expected to provide valuable insights to researchers in this field and policy makers who are in charge of developing policies to support technology transfer.
Keywords Technology transfer  Research trends  Topic modeling  Co-authorship network  Emerging topics
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